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Hadassah Baby Hotel provides women and their new born a convenience environment right after giving birth.


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Hadassah baby maternity hotel

Hadassah baby is a hotel for mother and baby. It is situated in the medical square at Hadassah Ein Kerem just a short walk away from the Hadassah maternity ward. It overlooks the enchanting JudeanDesert.  It caters to mothers and newborns and works in conjunction with Hadassah hospital.
Hadassah baby is part of the Hadassah Ein Kerem Hotel.  It is a separate wing with 28 rooms, 24 standard rooms and 4 suits designed to keep mothers and their babies together in comfort, with an option for the proud father to room in as well. 

New mothers from hospitals around the country can enjoy the benefits of the hotel, including a baby nursery that operates 24 hours a day, supervision and care by a medical team from Hadassah and daily visits from an obstetrician and pediatrician. This helps them to recover from birth and gradually transition into everyday life.
Hotel rooms are designed to suit the mother's needs.  They are equipped with an adjustable bed, comfortable armchair for breastfeeding, baby care diaper cabinet, refrigerator, coffee maker, cable TV, safe, hairdryer, shower seating and climate control system. Suites offer a kitchenette and hosting corner.

Hadassah baby offers a variety of individual or group activities and workshops free of charge, based around matters concerning a new mother after birth. For example, baby massage, breastfeeding, nutrition for mother and baby, infant care, infant development guidance, bathing training and more.

The hotel restaurant prides itself in its elegant and nutritious menu, it can be used to host parties such as a circumcision during the mothers stay.  All food is strictly kosher.

Hadassah baby hosts secular, religious and ultra-orthodox women who have given birth in hospitals around the country and choose to give themselves a few days rest before returning home. It is located in Ein Kerem, with easy access toJerusalem, exit to highway 1 and exit to highway 6 north and south. It is recommended you make reservations 2 months before the mothers estimated due date.


Hadassah baby

Ein Kerem Hotel
Hadassah Ein Kerem,Jerusalem

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